Things to be aware of about me and my firm
I'm a small firm
There are good reasons for hiring a large firm and having them provide the heads and hands to get the work done. I've worked for a firm like that and ther are advantages. My approach is to help the people already in place to do their best. If you need more people, I have a half-dozen professionals ready to contribute based on your needs. Often it's just me and the thousands of people already on the payroll.
You'll have to take time and responsibility
I work on a "do it, test it, fix it, do it again" philosophy. That means there has to be someone from staff around to do it, test it and fix it.As soon as a course of action is available we try it, measure to see what worked and what didn't, fix it for the next round and then do it again. Studies are important, but only action changes anything.
Honesty guarantees best focus
If you know what and where your problems are you can spend scarce resources on a prioritized list of real problems. Not everyone wants to hear the truth though. Hearing the truth means hearing some things about yourself and your approach that will include both good and bad. You might hear criticism of a pet project or approach. If you're ready for the truth, both good and bad, you'll like my approach.
I don't believe in segregation
We know intuitively that people need to work together across boundaries to get important work done. We talk about breaking the barriers and it's true we need to do that. Many organizations are uncomfortable putting senior people in the same planning or training room as junior people. Some don't want to put engineers and marketing people together or keep doctors and nurses apart. I believe in combining levels and departments every chance we can identify. Use every excuse to create relationships.