What kinds of clients have you worked with?

I’ve worked with all types of companies in the US, Europe and Asia. From health care to manufacturing, pharmaceuticals to insurance, financial services to software and government. I’ve worked with everyone from the CEO to the newest janitor and feel comfortable with all. The approach I use works because it appeals to what is human in all of us no matter the country or industry.

What size groups does this work best with?

Coaching works best with one person and one coach at a time. Most Strategic Magic programs have a maximum number of 24 and minimum of 12 at a time.

How long are your programs usually?

I work anywhere from one hour to three days. Three days is the minimum required to get people to look closely at their own behavior and have any chance of changing it. A site away from work distractions is necessary or the people attending never get a chance to focus and the time is wasted. We can make progress with half-day events. To really move people to change you have to invest in longer events.

Can we do this with just senior managers?

Yes, but why would you want to? The biggest complaint from both senior managers and those they manage is a lack of communication. With the group away from the day-to-day why not have them learn something, increase communication and begin building relationships all at the same time? Simple, useful and efficient.

How can you guarantee your work?

It's not much of a risk. I'm committed to doing excellent work that delights my clients. The guarantee helps me stay focused on what my clients need and put necessary steps in place to create success.

How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been doing this kind of work since 1988. I've been working independently for the last 18 years.

Many have tried and failed to change our culture.

It's possible no one can change a culture. That would be quite a feat. But there are three reasons we may not need to.

First, much of what is often called culture is really just bad habits that shouldn’t be graced with the word culture. You can break bad habits much faster than you can change culture. Plus you don’t need to wait for anyone else to change a habit you don’t want anymore.

Second, real culture change will happen from the inside or it won’t happen at all. I ask people to look at what they’re doing and how they’re doing it and decide what they’d like to change. Then I help look at the steps necessary for that change. If enough people in the right places start doing that, what needs to change changes.

Third, and very important, is that we may already have the foundation culture we need. We have a way of acting at our business that may not align with the very powerful human culture underneath. Perhaps blame is the problem or maybe people have developed the habit of waiting to be told what to do. This way of working is not very effective and it's usually not how people want to work. Fundamentally people want to do work they value with people they can trust. They want to be stretched and to use their skills to accomplish something they are proud of. Without changing anything we can appeal to the human culture and bypass the less useful company culture.

How can we start working with you?

Of course I want to make it easy for us to work together. You might, for example, ask me to coach an executive for a short period. Perhaps even yourself.

You might have me do a readiness assessment. I could facilitate a meeting or do a smaller GPS reality check.

I like to laugh

We are going to work on serious issues but there is no reason we can't have some fun doing it. I like to laugh and, as seriously as I take my work, I don't take myself too seriously.